Ximo Puig’s brother would have diverted part of the aid from the DGA to a family house in Teruel

The investigation of the Economic Crimes team of the Civil Guard on the alleged subsidy fraud of Francis Puig, brother of the president of the Valencian Community, Ximo Puig, indicates that Part of the aid granted by the Government of Aragon would have been diverted as an investment to the single-family home that the third of the brothers, Jordi Puig, has in the Teruel town of Peñarroya de Tastavins.

The instruction states that one of Francis Puig’s companies under suspicion, Mas Mut Produccions SL, obtained two grants from the DGA in 2018 through the Leader local development program, whose management depended directly on the group belonging to Bajo Aragón-Matarraña, which is the one that chose it and awarded 19,664 and 13,364 euros.

The money was to be allocated to a territorial dissemination platform and the file indicates that the investments “must be made” in the territory. The surprise that the Civil Guard found when crossing the data of the memory presented by Mas Mut with those of the Tax Agency and the registry is that thehe location of the investment is the home of Jordi Puig, who is also listed as a representative of the company. In addition, the company’s own headquarters is this building in Peñarroya de Tastavins.

Official sources of the Government of Aragon indicated this Friday that the first of the two aforementioned grants, the one of 19,664 euros, was put on hold upon receiving the request for the files by the judge instructing the criminal case opened in Valencia, given that the disbursement was part of a multi-year item. The other aid, they pointed out, “passed all the controls established by community regulations.” In addition, they reiterated that the Department of Rural Development “acts by supervising and applying the rules of control of files established by the European Union” when the aid is co-financed.

The spokeswoman for the PP in the Cortes de Aragón, Mar Vaquero, requested this Friday the appearance in commission of the Minister of the Presidency, Mayte Pérez, to explain the actions of the DGA and, in addition, requested a copy of the hiring files formalized, as well as any record of payment of invoices of the DGA In the last seven years, the companies of Francis Puig and his partners have been under investigation for an alleged subsidy fraud of 2 million that affects the Valencian, Catalan and Aragonese governments.

Of this amount, according to the report of the Civil Guard Economic Crimes team, 57,492 euros would correspond to the DGA, since there would be two more aids, of which information was not required from the Autonomous Administration: another of 19,664 euros granted in 2018 (of which the DGA is not aware) and a fourth of 4,800 that Inaem gave in 2020.


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