They investigate 5 minors involved in several robberies and fights in María de Huerva

The Civil Guard of the Zaragoza neighborhood of Casablanca, in collaboration with the María de Huerva Local Police, has carried out an investigation that has ended with the arrest of two minors and investigation of another threeas alleged perpetrators of several robberies and thefts in commercial establishments and community garages, robbery with intimidation of minors and participation in fights between young peopleall of them committed in María de Huerva in recent months.

The investigation began at the end of February. after learning of the existence of a group of minors who could be committing various criminal acts in the town of Zaragoza.

After the analysis of several complaints filed by residents of the municipality for theft of effects in commercial and hospitality establishments, community garages and a robbery with intimidation of a minor, who was threatened with a knife to steal the money he was carrying, and the numerous steps taken by Guardia Civil, with the collaboration of the Local Police of María de Huerva, it was possible to determine the identity of five minors involved in the events described, as well as obtain many clues that evidenced the commission of crimes.


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