The Miraflores park in Zaragoza will have 518 spaces in the blue and orange zones

The PP-Cs government of the Zaragoza City Council has agreed this Thursday to create 518 blue and orange zone places next to the Miraflores park, in the Centro district. Total, there will be 272 in rotation model and 246 for residents in the polygon that surrounds the Miraflores park (Césareo Alierta avenue, Camino de las Torres, Paseo de Rosales and Uncastillo street).

The measure supposes raising the number of regulated parking lots in the city to 6,678, palliating in part the deficit of places that the contract with the company Z+M has. In total, the Aragonese capital should have 6,777 car parks of this type in the city.

The proposal to launch this new blue and orange zone has its origin in the Central district board, which unanimously approved the proposal in the plenary session held on February 9. On the other hand, a community of owners in the area had requested that a regulated parking lot be put into operation for residents between Paseo de Rosales and Camino de las Torres so that people who went to the Miraflores hospital had the possibility of parking. That way they didn’t have to enter the Paseo de Rosales road. After approval by the municipal government, It is a matter of days before the painting work begins.

The file explains that the expansion of the regulated area is feasible because it represents a modification of less than 20% of the contract, which is in a situation of extension from 2020 and until August 2022 as a measure of economic rebalancing of the concession. In principle, throughout this year the new contract should come out, which will include, for example, the low emissions zone.

At the request of residents and to compensate for the lack of places, the City Council has already created 293 parking lots (137 rotation and 156 for residents) in the San José neighborhood and another 136 in the neighborhood of Las Delicias.


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