More than a hundred companies and entities request the Circular Aragón Seal

A total of 101 companies and local entities have applied for the Circular Aragón Seal on the first call for this award, which will publicly recognize the commitment to the circular economy of Aragonese organizations. This week has ended the deadline to opt for this distinction promoted by the Department of Economy, Planning and Employment, within the framework of the ‘Circular Aragon’ strategy.

The majority of applicants a total of 69, are small and medium enterprisess, 21 are large companies, four self-employed and two micro-enterprises. The list is completed by five local entities.

Regarding its distribution by provinces, 73 they are from various localities in the province of Zaragoza; 17 of Teruel and eleven They come from the Alto Aragonese province. Results that show that the commitment to the circular economy already extends throughout the Aragonese territory and among companies and entities of all sizes, the Government of Aragon has indicated.

The applications received in this call also reflect that the interest in achieving a more sustainable and efficient economic model is already part of the business philosophy of companies in all sectors. Of the 101 requesting entities, 42 belong to the sector industrial31 are from the sector services17 of agri-food and 7 are linked to the cconstruction. Analyzing them in more detail, they belong to very diverse subsectors, ranging from the automotive, metallurgy or textile industry, to waste treatment, consultancy or software services.

Once all the applications have been reviewed by the Valuation Commission, the Circular Aragón Seal It will be granted to all those who meet the established requirements. in the two established categories: ‘Companies’ and ‘Local Administration’.

In the event that any of the applicants does not obtain the minimum score required, the resolution report will include improvement proposals so that you can obtain the badge in the next call.

Companies and local administrations

For the granting of the seal in the ‘Companies’ category, the degree of implementation of the principles of the circular economy in its management, its impact throughout the value chain and its contribution to achieving a more sustainable economy in Aragon, efficient in the use of resources and competitive. For example, the incorporation of eco-design criteria, the origin of the raw materials used or waste management, among other aspects, will be taken into account.

For its part, in the category of “Local Administration” the good practices developed by these entities will be valueds, its impact on its environment and the degree of innovation and uniqueness of its contribution to the transition towards the circular economy in its socioeconomic context. Among the criteria for granting the seal will be taken into account, for example, the involvement of society in the practices that they promote related to the reduction of the consumption of materials and resources, or that develop initiatives that can be replicated in other local entities.

In order to assess all these aspects, in both categories, together with the application, the candidates for the Circular Aragón Seal have had to submit a report in which they certify that in the exercise of their activity they take into account the criteria that are subject to evaluation and documentation that proves it.


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