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Dozens of people have died in Kramatorskeastern Ukraine, following a rocket attack by Russian forces on a train station, as hundreds of civilians tried to flee to safer areas.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that this war of attrition will last for a while, and with it death and destruction in Ukraine, while its collateral effects will continue to affect us in the form of an economic crisis. The International Criminal Court has to accumulate evidence of this war crime, such as the destruction of the Mariupol theater, the bombing of a maternity hospital or the corpses of civilians with their hands tied behind their backs in Bucha. End as this inhuman invasion ends, Putin and the Russian military have to know that justice has evidence against them to be arrested and tried.

Russian attacks are concentrated in the city of Kramatorsk to take complete control of the Donbas region. Local authorities have in recent days urged civilians to leave as long as possible. Perhaps the decisive battle of this war is taking place in Donbas, from which Putin could extract the tactical victory that would allow him to sit down at the negotiating table without losing face in the face of Russian public opinion.

The brutal attack against the civilian population in Kramatorsk has coincided with the visit to kyiv of the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyenand the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Joseph Borrell, who have promised more money to arm Ukraine. So far the sanctions applied by the EU and the United States against Russia have not produced a visible impact in softening Putin’s offensive. They will probably have it in the long run. But the cruelty of this war demands immediate measures to suffocate Moscow’s economic capacity to finance its military activity.


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