Lucía Etxebarria communicates the death of her mother and asks for help on social networks

The writer’s mother Lucia Etxebarria, Lucía Asteinza, has died when she was about to fulfill the 95 years. It has been his daughter who has communicated it to his followers through his Twitter account, where he has asked his followers spread the news so that your loved ones find out, given the difficulty of communicating with them when they are outside the country. the writer, who does not reveal where it ismake sure you are “26 hours away from Spain” and it will be difficult for him to return in the next few days, so he will not be able to be present at the funeral that takes place this Friday. “My priority is to return to Spain, that’s why I can’t tell all my friends about what happened. If you personally knew my mother, me, my family, I beg you to get in touch with someone from my family, They will inform you of where the farewell is going to take place,” he writes.

“You won’t be able to call me, I’m offline”, ensures. “If you consider it appropriate to notify people who you think have an interest in firing my mother, send them this news” ask your followers.

Etxebarría took advantage of the moment to remember the best facets of her mother: “She was an exceptionally smart and sharp, with artistic gifts that he could not take further due to the moment he was born but that he has transmitted to his children and grandchildren”, he admits. He emphasizes that “he loved music, art, travel, theater, animals, children… and his family”, for which he regrets not having been able to say goodbye to her “on her deathbed”, although he confirms that he did say goodbye to her before leaving: “My last memory is beautiful”. He recalls that she “firmly believed in another life and passed away having received the consolation of her religion. She did not die alone,” she acknowledges, stressing: “We remember her as a strong and decisive woman who taught those of us who knew her the importance of being strong and believing in what is pursued.”


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