Lil Nas X at the Grammys and 25 Years of the Fuentes Film Festival

New batch of cultural recommendations from Heraldo by the editors Christian Peribanez Y Paul Ferrer. On this occasion walls are broken again, and in a multiple way, just like Alfonso Millán does with his fine use of chroma; Peribáñez talks about the temporary ‘losers’ in the great festival of the music industry, the recent Grammy Awards, with special emphasis on the rapper Lil Nas X, while Ferrer conceptually moves somewhat closer to Fuentes de Ebro, where this weekend a round event is celebrated in the key of cinema.

Lil Nas X is a singular artist. He avoids the machirula lyrics of a good part of his colleagues, and celebrates with a burst of color his devotion to aesthetics and ‘queer’ ethics, cocktail that also translates into impeccable record work. He was a candidate for four golden gramophones last Sunday, April 3, at the ceremony at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. and didn’t take any But far from complaining bitterly or throwing darts against the intolerance of academics, he decided to laugh a little at the circumstance in his networks. If he continues his current trajectory, clearly upward, there is no doubt that he will have the opportunity to think of appropriate corners to place future prizes in his house, although now he has had to metaphorically tattoo the ‘el’ of ‘loser’ on his forehead, the opposite of what happened to him at the last MTV awards, by the way.

Aragonese cinema has several substantial annual events outside the provincial capitals, but Fuentes and La Almunia (with the permission of Bujaraloz or the recently concluded Espiello, among others) are the oldest and most consolidated bets. In Fuentes, cinema is not understood without the figure of José Antonio Aguilar, alma mater of the event, who this Saturday, April 9 premieres his documentary ’25 years of the Fuentes de Ebro Film Festival’, produced by the local council and Munt Multimedia. A string of interventions by personalities from culture and cinema in Aragon, who have also starred in special moments at the festival, marks out Aguilar’s film commitment in commemoration of the silver anniversary between the initiative and its unconditional supporters.


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