life stories through painting in the Women’s Unit

Introducing art in hospitals can help improve people’s experience when they go to the doctor. This is what Quirónsalud Zaragoza intends with its new project, in collaboration with Believe in Art, ‘Beats with Art’, humanize the waiting room of the hospital’s Women’s Unit. To this end, this initiative seeks to make visible different stages such as infertility, maternity, menopause and breast cancer from a unique approach.

Through the first-person account of four patients and the contribution of the specialists in each case, several Aragonese artists will represent these crucial moments in the life of a woman. Some experiences that they have experienced personally and that have caused them various feelings, emotions and fears.

The first of the representations deals with the infertility. From this week, the work of the artist Marta Alonso (Huesca) remains hanging in the waiting room of the Women’s Unit. Liudmyla Shukhovtseva’s testimony is a story of struggle and not giving up. A difficult process of more than ten years in which she has had mixed emotions: “In Quirónsalud I have been very supported. But it has been a hard process and many times you feel frustrated. You have to bear in mind that these treatments are strong, both for both for the body and for the mind,” says the patient.

In this sense, Dr. Jéssica Marqués, a gynecologist at the Quirónsalud Zaragoza Women’s Unit, points out that, “In addition to guiding the medical process, our job is also to advise and accompany the person. The support that women have in their environment is essential, since, on occasions, psychological sequelae can occur”. “However -he points out-, due to the great evolution in fertility treatments that has been seen in recent years, egg freezing techniques today are simpler”.

For her part, Marta Alonso has reflected what Liudmyla is like through a large-format work loaded with symbology: a strong woman with the head of a wolf. “I wanted to tell her story and show her personality. In the first meeting, she opened up and explained to us how she has lived it, something that can be seen in the representation that I have made, in which some metaphors appear”, clarifies the artist. “Hence, there are elements related to the universe and the sun, which have been related throughout history with the fact of conceiving,” she adds. For Liudmyla, “the project tries to bring us closer, thanks to art and from a more personal and experiential point of view, to some key moments in the life of a woman”.

Marta Alonso, artist;  Liudmyla Shukhovtseva, patient, and Jéssica Marqués, gynecologist at the Quirónsalud Zaragoza Women's Unit

Marta Alonso, artist; Liudmyla Shukhovtseva, patient, and Jéssica Marqués, gynecologist at the Quirónsalud Zaragoza Women’s Unit

Art as a catalyst for well-being

This new proposal is part of the cooperation between the hospital group and Believe in Art, a non-profit organization from Zaragoza that pursues the objective of introducing artistic creation in the hospital environment with the intention of contributing to improving the day-to-day life of those who suffer from income or wait in spaces usually cold and lacking in beauty.

Thus, Beatriz Lucea, co-founder of Believe in Art, highlights that “this project is a twist to the one we had been developing a few years ago in the Women’s Unit. The involvement of the artists with the space in which they were going to exhibit was evident, all of them reflected on what was happening there, the ailments that were treated and the fact of being a woman. Now, in ‘Heartbeats with Art’, we take a triple leap by giving the patient and the specialist a face, voice and name. Everything takes on a dimension that I am sure will be a turning point in their respective jobs”.

The artist Marta Alonso

This illustrator, muralist and graphic designer based in Huesca, was interested in art from a very young age. Her multidisciplinary nature led her to publish her first illustrated children’s story in 2010, ‘The Frog and the Serpent’. Most of her works are developed around the mural technique, such as the one elaborated for ‘Latidos con Arte’, but she also works with ceramics, traditional stamping techniques or serigraphy.

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