“I feel like before the injury and I hope to improve”

In the 1-1 against Almería last Sunday he showed it again. Pablo Insua is not only fully recovered from his second cruciate ligament rupture, but he is reaching his best level. The SD Huesca centre-back, in fact, after in the first round he could only take part in the two Copa del Rey qualifiers, in the second he has participated in all the days becoming a fixture for Xisco.

How are you feeling?

I came from a very hard injury and since I entered each game I am having more confidence. I’ve had minutes to pick up the pace and I feel very good, like before the injury. Now, for the remainder of the season, what I want is to give my best, help the team and even improve.

The ligament rupture was suffered during training in May of last year in his right knee and in 2018-19 something similar had already happened to him. Then on a visit to Girona.

It took me longer to recover from the first one. In the second, on a psychological level, the first moment was harder, it was difficult for me to assimilate it because I had already gone through what was waiting for me. However, that later turned into something positive. I knew what I was facing and I was able to face it better.

Those two physical mishaps have not been the only stones in the way of his career, some heart problems when he was a member of the German Schalke 04 also forced him to stop.

In those situations I have relied on close people, family and friends. It has also helped me get away from football and enjoy other things because it was difficult for me to see my teammates training and playing and not being able to do it. At Huesca I have had a lot of support from the team and the club.

With Xisco starting out as part of a line of five backs with two lanes and now he’s moved to another line of four defenders, how do you feel more comfortable?

Both ways. As now I had already played a lot before and with three central defenders it has also touched me in recent years. That is a decision of the coach and the truth is that the team has been well with both.

With Ignasi Miquel he is managing to get along.

We are both very comfortable because the team has been working very well defensively. There are the matches with clean sheets.

They have 16, but curiously that has not translated into a better position in the table.

It is true that the teams with those figures are usually in the top six, but we accumulated many 0-0s that have penalized us. In any case, the base of the team is that, not conceding goals, and we must continue there.

The next challenge is the visit to Fuenlabrada on Sunday

It will be a difficult duel, but we will do things well and we will give continuity to the last games.

In them they have achieved victories with Burgos and Málaga, and the tie with Almería, three appointments without losing that came preceded by the stumble in Alcorcón.

It was a defeat that we did not expect, but that came in handy to face what we have left. After a hard blow like that is when the group must unite more and that is what we are doing. Since that day we are showing ourselves differently.

The 1-0 in Alcorcón was at the bottom team’s house, now they will visit the penultimate, do the two games have parallels?

Just like then we face a team that is down and is in great need, but we have learned a lot and the same will not happen.

Have the tables with Almería -a candidate for direct promotion- reinforced them?

We had victory within our reach and although we didn’t achieve it, the sensations against one of the best teams in the category were very good and have given us confidence to face the last eight days knowing that we can beat anyone.

What can you expect from Huesca in the final stretch of the league?

We are on time for everything, but we must focus on game by game. The first thing is to beat Fuenlabrada and then the rest will come. If we don’t think like that we’ll make mistakes and throughout the season it’s happened to us many times.

Then Real Zaragoza will arrive at El Alcoraz.

I insist, we must not think beyond Fuenlabrada. That game is much more important than the one against Zaragoza. He has to leave us good feelings for all the following.

In this regard, Huesca is tenth, six points from the ‘play off’, how far can it go?

So far expectations have not been met, but we have the last few days left to continue improving, fighting and working hard to finish as high as possible.

How do you see from the locker room what has happened with the dismissal of Nwakali?

It is a very serious matter between him and the club about which the team cannot say much because we do not have all the information.


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