from the Irati Forest to the Devil’s Bridge

Choosing a destination for the next Easter holidays, without capacity or schedule restrictions for two years, is a totally satisfactory plan for those who can enjoy them. Escaping to the beach or the mountains are the options chosen by many citizens, as is visit nearby regions to the Aragonese community as Navarra, Soria or Tarragona. Infinite places to discover a few kilometers from Aragón that are well worth a visit and that have a place in any self-respecting tourist guide.

Olite and the Irati Forest in Navarra

Just 40 kilometers from Pamplona is Olite, a medieval-style town declared a Historic-Artistic Site. Is a walled town surrounded by 20 towers known as ‘Cerco de Inside’, but due to the increase of the inhabitants the city extended towards the south giving rise to a new area called ‘Cerco de Fuera’ housing many monuments. Known for hosting the Royal Palace of the Kings of Navarre, This town also has numerous monuments to visit.

Another place where you can enjoy your free time is the Irati Jungle, in the north of Navarre. It’s about the largest forest mass in the community and one of the largest and best preserved beech and fir forests in all of Europe. Despite being forested since the 16th-17th centuries, the respect and good work of the inhabitants of these valleys has made be fully preserved.

Valdelavilla: a movie town in the province of Soria

the mood of the series ‘The People’broadcast on Telecinco and Amazon, has not been recorded on Peñafria -fictitious name on the screens-, but in Valdelavilla, in Soria. A multipurpose town that has been converted into a large television set that currently attracts the attention of thousands of onlookers until it has become this year the third most sought after town in Spain for tourismaccording to

View of the Black Lagoon.
View of the Black Lagoon.

Without leaving the community, an also obligatory visit is the black lagoon (including the climb to the Picos de Urbión, not suitable for all audiences, but possible for most) and a walk through the imposing and magical Canyon of the Lobos River.

Destinations in the ancient city of Tarraco

Many are the Aragonese who enjoy their free time in Salou, La Pineda or Cambrils, but the cathedral, the old town, the maritime atmosphere of the Serrallo and the boulevards as commercial arteries of Tarragonajust 15 kilometers from the aforementioned beaches, are some of the capital’s attractions, without forgetting the Les Ferreres Roman Aqueduct or Devil’s Bridge.

Tarragona Cathedral.
Tarragona Cathedral.

Outside the capital, the Ebro Delta or Siuranaa fairytale town marked by the legends of princesses and warriors just over 40 kilometers from Salou, will complete the chosen destination for these Easter holidays.

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