Chronology of the hamburger in Zaragoza

Zaragozans were, 65 years ago, among the first Spaniards to try a hamburger. They did it long before this snack became globally popular. The American base contributed to making the Aragonese capital a city pioneer in this sandwich that stages like few others the changes in tastes, not only gastronomic but also consumer and social in general.

In the city, emerged since then both small locals with a homemade flavor and others that heralded the future arrival of the big American chains.

This is the chronology of Zaragoza hamburgers, from the simplicity of the principles to a growing sophistication to which even haute cuisine chefs currently contribute.

The 2000s represent a gastronomic revolution spurred on by social networks. Fashions follow one another frantically, with a dizzying variety of products, options and cuisines from half the world. In that magma, curiously, the classic hamburger experiences a kind of redemption, moving from the field of junk food (where it still remains on occasion) to the gourmet field. Quality meats and even the interest of great chefs revolutionize the sandwich.


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