Can circular and sustainable tourism be created? This is how they are doing it in the Balearic Islands

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in all areas of society. Achieving a social, economic and environmental balance is the key to a future full of possibilities and the Balearic Islands want to be pioneers and benchmarks in this matter. For this reason, and taking into account that tourism is the main industry of the islands, they have launched a new Tourism Law that aims to implement a new model of quality and respect for the territory.

To this end, this regulation contemplates up to 60 million euros in direct aid to support the sector in a transformation in which circularity, quality and sustainability They will be the main axes of change. In this commitment by the Balearic government, it is essential to also highlight the social responsibility of its companies and the vision of the future of entrepreneurs, whose roadmap is based on the same principles: enrich cosmopolitan islands full of culture, consideration for heritage and love for his land.

Thus, the archipelago, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean with a privileged enclave and climate, is fully committed to sustainability that gravitates towards the social, environmental and economic spheres.

What does the law contemplate

The law, which presents improvements in the field of administrative simplification and modernization and will depend on each Insular Council, pursues improve the tourism model of the islands, away from the excesses, betting on the quality of the service instead of the number of overnight stays and valuing the extensive heritage and environmental wealth. To achieve this, the standard revolves around social and environmental sustainability with different measures.

One of the objectives of the new Tourism Law is to enrich the territory in terms of sustainability.

One of the objectives of the new Tourism Law is to enrich the territory in terms of sustainability.
Balearic Islands

First, you will gain weight the quality of employment and life of people and it will include, for example, the duty to enable thermal installations that guarantee the comfort of the users of all tourist establishments, which includes, of course, the well-being of the workers. The growth of tourist places on all the islands will also be blocked for four years, both in vacation rentals and in any other type of accommodation.

On the other hand, with regard to the environment, the law will seek a series of mandatory measures aimed at the tourism value chain. The Balearic Islands will be the first destination that will require companies to have circularity programs and they will be pioneers in the implementation of said projects. Thus, each year, companies in the tourism sector must execute a review of the management of resources and waste generated -focused on energy, water, materials and food- and prepare the consequent planning to reduce its impact.

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