Arturo Aliaga signs the award of the management of the Hospedería de La Iglesuela del Cid in Teruel

The Vice President and Minister of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development of the Government of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, has signed the award of the management of the Inn of La Iglesuela del Cid, located in the province of Teruel to the company Kilimanjaro Trail SL, which is scheduled to open in June, once the equipment is ready and the staff is selected.

From this Department, through Turismo de Aragón, they have invested 462,880 euros in conditioning works and improvement of the facilities of the Matutano-Dauden Palace, the regional Executive reported in a press release.

Refurbishment works have been carried out inside the hostelry and in outdoor areas such as lifts, heating, carpentry, terraces and gardens, electricity. The establishment now has 36 double rooms -one of them type suite and another adapted-, which are distributed over four floors in a total area of ​​approximately 3,000 square meters.

The Vice President and Counselor for Industry, Arturo Aliaga, highlighted the effort made by the Department to refurbish the facilities and “caring for the wonderful heritage that exists in Aragon and in the province of Teruel”.

He has shown satisfaction with the signing of the award, with which he hopes “that it will soon revert to the attraction of tourists to the area and generate jobs and wealth in the territory”.

National Monument

The Hospedería de La Iglesuela del Cid is located in the historic building of high architectural value called Palacio Matutano-Daudén and declared a National Monument in 1931. It became Hospedería de Aragón in June 2005.

It is a large building, built in the 17th century, whose distribution revolves around a wide imperial staircase that acts as a plant distributor. This stairway, which is accessed through a corrugated entrance hall, in which different compositional motifs are appreciated, it is preceded by two lowered arches, with a hanging central capital, on which the Daudén coat of arms is attached.

The staircase ends on the second floor of the building – main floor – and gives access to its most important rooms. On its main façade, the entrance, a very typical balcony door of the baroque period in which the fine vegetable carvings of the pilasters and a central cartouche stand out, in the key of the arch from 1773, as well as the iron bars and the woodwork.

Inn of La Iglesuela del Cid
Inn of La Iglesuela del Cid
Aragon Tourism

The building has a total constructed area of ​​2,481 meters, useful 2,062 meters, and consists of a semi-basement floor, with 248.89 square meters built and 188.15 useful, distributed in the following rooms: men’s toilets, women’s toilets, landfill and boiler room. There is communication with the kitchen and the restaurant.

In the low level, Its 824.64 square meters built and 662.59 useful, are distributed in the following rooms: porch, vestibule, hall; reception, concierge, administration and luggage storage; social room; dining room; private dining room; Pub; warehouse and independent access; kitchen room; office; preparation and cameras; wash and iron; lingerie store; staff toilets and changing rooms and emergency exit.

In the First floor, with 693.86 built and 466.03 useful, there is the guest bar; living room, warehouse and toilets; ground floor office and service bedroom; as well as 13 double rooms with bathroom and three single rooms with bathroom.

Also, in the second floor, With 495.74 meters built and 452.32 useful, there are also 11 double rooms with bathroom and three double rooms with bathroom. In the 188.37 meters built and 168.38 useful of the third floor six double rooms with bathroom are located.


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