Archbishop Carlos Escribano praises the work of the brotherhoods in Huesca “in this time of de-Christianization”

The third time was the charm. After two invitations postponed due to the pandemic, the Archconfraternity of the Holy Vera Cruz was able to bring this Friday to Huesca Archbishop of Zaragoza, Carlos Escribanoto pronounce the proclamation of Holy Week. An act that ended with a recital by the Ars Nova Choirdirected by Conrado Betrán, in a crowded Santo Domingo church with the presence of ecclesiastical, civil and military authorities. Furthermore, they were named cOfrades of honor Ana Ciria Benedé and Miguel Ángel Gracia Navasa.

Escribano congratulated the members of Vera Cruz “for the great service they do to Holy Week in Huesca, which has much beauty and great spiritual depth“, and greeted the rest of the brotherhoods “which are the ones that take the faith to the streets of the city”. In addition, he showed his gratitude to all of them “for presenting with such force and beauty the passion of Jesus Christ, organizing processions and other acts “.

The archbishop had a memory for those deceased by the pandemic in these last two years and for all the people punished in so many parts of the world for the wars “and in a special way to so many men and women who are suffering at this time in Ukraine“, he highlighted.

Carlos Escribano encouraged the brothers from Huesca to take Jesus Christ out into the streets and reminded them “of the importance of your active participation in the evangelizing task of the Church because you have a precious challenge to undertake, value and insert popular religiosity”. He assured that these groups “have decisively contributed to preserving the religious values ​​of our society”. And for this reason he emphasized that “Their work is today more necessary than ever in an era of secularization and de-Christianization”.

The salesian theater the curtain will go up again this Saturday ‘The passion’ after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic. The sacred drama they represent since 1947 the former students of the school is one of the most emblematic acts of Holy Week in Huesca. This year, as a health precaution, there will be only two performances (today and tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.). tickets cost 14 euros in the yard and 12 in the amphitheater.


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