Approved the change of name of Gran Vía in Zaragoza

The government team of the Zaragoza City Council has given its approval to the change or new name of some of the city’s roads. Thus, it has been approved that the Gran Via promenade be renamed Gran Vía of Don Santiago Ramón y Cajal, in tribute to the famous scientist.

This change is made pursuant to a motion debated in the city council and what was it unanimously approved of all municipal political groups.

At that time, the deputy mayor and councilor for Culture, Sara Fernández, defended that her role as a doctor should receive “the public recognition she deserves.” And, as she stated, the new denomination will not cause problems of postal type for the neighbors and it would not imply a change in Ramón y Cajal street, in the historic center of the capital, which will continue to be called the same.

other changes

In addition, next to the School of the Escolapias Holy Grace, in the area of ​​the extension of the avenue Tenor Fleta with Ronda Hispanidadone of the roads will take the name of Damiana Gramontel and CabalAragonese and Piarist teacher, and the other way will be called Maria Paz Montserrat Blasco, athlete from Zaragoza in the discipline of adapted swimming. In both cases, the aim is to recognize the contribution of these two personalities in the world of education and sports, in addition to helping to feminize the municipal street map.


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