What is radioactivity quizlet microbiology

Start studying Microbiology: Chapter 7. -gamma rays, x rays, electron beams pass through material without causing material to become radioactive. Start studying Microbiology Bauman Ch 2 Atoms. Learn vocabulary atoms that undergo radioactive decay are what types of isotopes? radioactive isotopes. in a process called radioactive decay. Atoms that undergo radioactive decay are called. radioactive isotopes. Electrons determine an atom's. chemical behavior.

Start studying Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Microbiology. Learn vocabulary What is an isotope? List at least four ways the radioactive isotopes are useful. Start studying Microbiology chapter 2. rate of decay. time it takes for 1/2 of any amount of radioactive isotopes to decay into its stable products. C14 has a half. *heat and radiation are agents that are least selective in their targeting tending to be effective against the widest range of microbes. *Drugs are more selective.

Start studying microbiology chapter UV radiation is antimicrobial, because. B) energy present causes Common radioactive isotopes for sterilization are. Microbiology Ch various definitions .. nucleic acids (target). radiation targets these, warps DNA or RNA, relays information to proteins. radiation. (medicine). Start studying Microbiology Chapter 2 Part 1. a radioactive isotope that has an unstable nucleus and becomes more stabilized by spontaneously emitting. Start studying Microbiology Chapter 2, Chemical Principles. Radioisotope. a radioactive isotope that has an unstable nucleus and becomes more stabilized by.