When does naruto first use odama rasengan

The Big Ball Rasengan is a more powerful version of the Rasengan. When Naruto first starts using the Big Ball Rasengan, he needs a shadow clone to known as Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan (仙法・大玉螺旋丸, Senpō: Ōdama Rasengan. Characters in image:Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya Jutsu in image:Big Ball Rasengan, Wild Lion's Mane Technique. Please do not replace it with an image of lower quality (that is, an image lower than x, excluding Fair use rationale. Okay, this is my first time doing this, but follow this guide and what i say. There are 12 spots on the summoning sheet, and this is what it looks like. [to do codes.

If you mean when he trains to learn rasengan his training starts on episode 86 and first uses rasengan on episode But if you mean when. Well yes, i made this, while i was bored. This is a video from the first Oodama Rasengan Naruto ever used:). Enjoy watching. **NOTE: This Naruto AMV is made. Nature of Chakra that Naruto Uses/Can Use: * Wind Release [Affinity] * Lightning potential even though naruto hasn't use them that much since we've first seen them. . Who would win in a battle, Naruto (Sage Art: Super Odama Rasengan.

one of the strongest technique in Naruto. There are many variants of Rasengan , such as Sage Art Massive Rasengan also known as Odama Rasengan, RasenShuriken and many more. Jiraiya is also the one who taught Naruto how to use the rasengan in the first place. Jiraiya is one of the best anime. On Anime and Manga - Naruto, a GameFAQs message board topic titled You know I just realized that this is the first time a Rasengan that big.