Titan quest how to beat hydra

Hi fellow players, is this possible to kill the Hydra with Warfare/Defender mastery ? I'm level 66 as Conqueror but the best I could do is to take. The Hydra has multiple powerful attacks, most of which can kill you instantly if your resistances are low. His default attack is not that powerful, but it can be. For Titan Quest: Immortal Throne on the PC, a GameFAQs message You can kill Hydra without problem if your character have enough level.

The Hydra only appears in the legendary difficultly, so no point trying or you can cheat - go to athens, kill everything between athens and the. 1 – You'll more likely die in boredom watching the boss trying to kill you with this attack, than from the actual damage. Example: Bad-arse mofo // The name of. Hydra Killer Achievement in Titan Quest: Defeat the Lernean Hydra (Legendary mode only!) - worth 40 GamerScore. Find guides to this.

the way i saw it was kill mobs with scatter shot and kill bosses with take down.. iirc, irma2 provided a video of take down killing hydra in like 5. [Archive] Titan Quest - Mega-boss questions PC Gaming. There is only 1 mob in the entire game that I couldnt kill. Every other mob including Typhon and Hades Either way, I'm looking forward to the Hydra in "Epic.":drool. Achilles' Equal. Beat Legendary difficulty as a Warfare character What it says on the tin. Find and defeat the Hydra Worthy of song. Slay a titan.