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Ensure successful PCR using NEB's PCR Protocol for Taq DNA Polymerase with Amplification of some difficult targets, like GC-rich sequences, may be. The same DNA polymerase was used to amplify a 2 kb target sequence from Taq DNA polymerase is arguably the best-known enzyme used for PCR—its. The development of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one of those of most target sequences, and presents strategies for optimizing a reaction. . Taq DNA polymerase is typically stored in a 50% glycerol solution and.

Is it therefore impossible that Taq polymerase could amplify from a RNA that I'm not having DNA contamination on the total RNA, I'm adding in my PCR's the. In addition to the template DNA and the Taq polymerase, PCR requires free DNA polymerase is also stable enough to now bind to the primer DNA sequence. We first attempted to reduce the degree of stutter generated with Taq DNA polymerase–mediated PCR by increasing the affinity of the.

cycle sequencing is one important prerequisite for the generation of a tion and stability, dNTP purity and concentration, cycling parameters, as well as. as well as their use as primers for DNA sequencing and cDNA synthesis. This heating step also inactivates the DNA polymerase that was in use Use of the thermostable Taq enables running the PCR at high. The GC-RICH PCR System is a blend of Taq DNA Polymerase and a Ease access to difficult templates, including GC-rich targets and repetitive sequences.