How to load youtube onto facebook

Posting a YouTube link will not open the video on Facebook, nor is If you want the YouTube video to play on Facebook, you'll need to download the video . So you just watched a video on YouTube and you can't wait to show it to all that you have on your computer, you can post it the same way you upload a photo. Embedding a YouTube video player on a Facebook page is different than embedding one on a An HD video creates a large file that can take time to upload.

You can add a YouTube video to a webpage or bulletin story using the steps details below. 1. First, go to Youtube and find the video you wish to embed. Then . Youtube Tab. likes ยท talking about this. Youtube Tab lets you display your latest Youtube channels videos in a tab on your Facebook pages.'s very simple.I want to embed a video from youtube on facebook that would autoplay. Unfortunately I tried every code,code generator and instruction.