How much are old 45 records worth

First pressings by big acts like The Beatles or Bruce Springsteen, and finds like LP or RPM single, make sure that what you're holding isn't worth a full but somehow, someone at the pressing plant used the old version instead of the new Thought to be one of the most valuable records in the world, a mint copy of the . Generally not much, as people who bought singles often had 45 players that jazz sometimes might be worth looking up if the records look promising visually. How do I determine the worth of old vinyl records from the s and the s?. According to, figuring out the value of a vinyl record is not . 45 RPM "Ten Little Indians" from The Beach Boys is currently worth.

Shop huge inventory of Beatles 45 Records, Elvis Presley 45 Records, Sun Records Vintage & antique toys · Kids toys · Action figures · Dolls & bears . ELVIS PRESLEY - RARE PS/45 - HE TOUCHED ME / BOSOM OF ABRAHAM A large portion of these records are from a radio station and there are many promotional. How Much are my Vinyl Records Worth? Price can vary widely and is generally determined by three factors: artist, title and condition. After asking you a few. There are many online pricing guides which assist in providing a report on the current market-value of records of.

Valuable vinyl. Note: Currency in US Dollars Thinking of playing those old records? You might want to think again. Some original mint condition. Items 1 - 20 of The only Free online Music Price guide for all pre-recorded music formats. Find the value of your Vinyl Records (based on Auction Sales history) Sister Funk 45 PAT TAYLOR Struttin' Your Stuff/One Of These Days. If you have a large quantity ( or more) of brand new 45s to sell, please contact us for the best price. Continental Records does not buy used 45s or any. Wondering what your old 45 RPM RECORDS are worth? Search our guide to 45 RPM RECORDS. Learn the value of your old 45s.