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Play as Hiccup and ride Toothless through a shooting gallery. Shoot down all the targets! k. online game. The Dragon's Maze Game. Help your favorite. Raise, bond and train you dragon in this fun-filled 3D universe. It's everything you love about “How to Train Your Dragon,” only this time you're in command. School of Dragons® holds a world full of creativity and exploration packed with School of Dragons is not a DreamWorks game, and is subject to the School of.

Login and join the School of dragons. Raise and train your very own dragon in this exciting online game for kids!. Sign up and enroll into the School of Dragons. This exciting How to Train Your Dragon game is perfect for kids between the ages of 8 and 12!. In this game titled Dragon Racers The Dragon Berry Dash you have to fly your dragon, avoiding obstacles and rocks while collecting upgrades. Have fun with.

Players raise and train their own dragon, interact with characters from the HTTYD and embark upon journeys and quests alongside their Viking pals in-game. play in the DreamWorks Animation “How To Train Your Dragon” universe with. The game takes place a year after the movie's ending. must use the training grounds to train their dragon to fight. Play School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure, the all-new educational matching This free dragon game is inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon.