How to dragonite extremespeed breeding

Yeah, sadly it's a closed loop; you need a Dratini with extremespeed to breed for Extremespeed. They're fairly common though. The Trade. message board topic titled "How do i get a ExtremeSpeed Dragonite?". in Jan then breed the life out of Dragonite w Extremespeed. You need to get the special Extreme Speed Dratini from the old man in then you need to breed a male dragonite with extreamspeed with a.

Are you ready to see these incredibly difficult steps in breeding a Dream World Dragonite with Extremespeed? The user writing this, who is not. I am currently breeding Dratini with Dratini, according to Bulbapedia, this should work and give me extreme speed as an egg move, but I'm not. Hello, I have a extreme speed dratini with a serious nature. (male). I want to have an adamant extreme speed dratini. I have tryed breeding with.

The only pokemon who can breed with the Dratini line and get Extremespeed is the Dratini line. All others that gain Extremespeed are in. Yes, I do have an Extremespeed Dratini (now a Dragonair) and . through breeding, so even if you breed a male ExtremeSpeed Dratini with a. I actually have extreme speed Dratini's for sale in my shop The Breedject Corner I usually ask for rejects from other breeding projects as.