Guard angel dragon city how to breed

The Breeding Dome is now activated on iOS, Android, and Facebook! Ancient Dragons must be level 2 to be able to be used for breeding. Combos seems pretty. ddd Suggested Breeding Pairings Pairings are based on minimizing the worst case breeding Max miss dragon(s) Bride, Guardangel, Fulltune, , Terra. Data:Guardangel, Protector of the Heavens Trivia The first dragon in the Ancient Portal is Guardangel,Protector of the Heavens.

Breeding Combo cards provided by the facebook Dragon City Cornrer Group . Poseadus + Guardangel = Justice Dragon Poseadus +. Breeding Ancient dragons in the Breeding Dome functions a lot like regular breeding. Guardangel + Fulltune = Bride (16h) or Terra (15s). Joseph Seeley I am breeding two ancients right now, and I have fought other ancients in the Tournaments with my Other Dragons. I think you have to level up.

Check out the Ancient World Breeding and Element update! Guardangel, Protector of the Heavens (Beauty); Gorgoneia, Sister of Stone.