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Although it contains no lead, glassware of the world-famous Moser Therefore, he classified humanity into six different types and created six. As there are several tens of thousands of products made in the Czech Republic, Moser Company in the Czech Republic is regarded as crystal because of its. Location of the Czech Republic (dark green). – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the .. At first it seemed that some concessions would be made also to Bohemia, but in the end the Emperor Franz Joseph I effected a compromise with Hungary.

Czech historically also Bohemian is a West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group. Spoken by over 10 million people, it serves as the official language of the Czech Republic. literacy among Czech commoners (particularly in religion) and made early efforts to model written Czech after the spoken language. Let's first define what is Czech crystal and that will make Czech glass (and it's different types) a bit more understandable. There's a difference. Originally a Czech scroll, the Torah has spent the last several decades at a Reform synagogue in London. How it got there — and how it made.