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Many portions of the long-running British science-fiction television programme Doctor Who are . One episode of the Raiders of the Lost Archive show aired in January and a further two .. about a rumour of a missing Doctor Who episode that was in Portsmouth; this led to episode "DVD update Summer Schedule". Dan Talks Doctor Who @dantalksdrwho Dec 5. More. Copy link The Macra Terror: animated lost episodes, finally available on DVD & Blu-Ray after 51 years . Doctor Who series 11, episode 1 spoiler-free review a little earlier than January , commencing in late – around November time. . The only thing missing was the trusty sonic screwdriver and the BBC unveiled the new . Doctor Who season 11 rumours: From bookies' odds to fan favourites.

19 November Rumours are of a Blu Ray complete season of Tom Baker's first season. 0 Menace might get a rerelease but I spose that's doubtful as they aren 't likely to stretch to the animation for the missing episodes. The return of the missing episodes was definitely real. Because there had been rumours flying around quoting numbers as high as episodes being. In the hands of private collectors. So if you know anyone, ask them to let the BBC make a copy.

by rapscallion» Wed Oct 24, pm: 11 Replies: Views: Last post by johnnybear. Mon Nov 19, pm. Top ten missing serials you would like. The hunt for the Doctor Who missing episodes is never ending. When Doctor Who debuted in November , the format of the show was . figure is the rumor that he actually recovered 90 missing Doctor Who episodes. Doctor Who News is the unofficial repository of news, reviews, products and events about the series and its spin-offs, plus regular competitions.