Where to go in new york state

Though it tends to live in the shadow of the city's gargantuan skyscrapers, New York State is home to a vast array of beautiful mountain ranges, cascading. New York City is bustling with entertainment, food, art, and energy. However, there is so much more to the state of New York than just the world-famous city that. When many people think of visiting New York, the city, not the state, comes to mind. Although a trip to New York City is a must for any traveler.

New York is a large and diverse state, but many visitors only visit the Big Apple. While New York City is undoubtedly exciting, there is far more. New York State is historic. It's untamed. It's iconic. But more importantly, it's anything you want it to be. Did you know that Adirondack State Park is larger than . We rank the 5 Best Places to Visit in New York State. See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites.

New York is more than just the concrete jungle. Find tips on wine-tasting in the Finger Lakes, sailing beneath Niagara Falls, and sunbathing with celebs in the. The best places to visit in New York State range from the spectacular Niagara Falls to the relaxing beaches of Montauk and the state capital of. New York is a state that's both familiar and full of surprises. Cruise the longest canal system in the country, tour a craft brewery, and go underground at Howe. Despite the natural beauty and charm of New York State, it remains firmly in the The area can get busy during the summer months but offers a few brilliant.