Channel islands bunny chow surfboard reviews

Designed for Jordy Smith's power brand of surfing, Channel Islands Bunny Chow is a versatile, high performance shortboard that will tear. Join thousands of other surfers who get the latest surfboard reviews, new model alerts The Channel Islands Bunny Chow was designed by Jordy Smith and Al. CUSTOM OF THE WEEK: 6'3 x 20 x 2 7/16 x 33L Bunny Chow, 4-Channel Bottom with Eco Board construction.. #ciSurfobards #ciBunnyChow #ciEcoBoard .

Jordy Smith has been on fire the last year or two, and I think we all would love to surf like him. The Channel Islands Bunny Chow has been his. Channel Islands Bunny Chow by Jordy Smith. The Bunny Chow has been Jordy Smith's board of choice for his world tour campaigns in poor to fair surf. What the Channel Islands site says about the Bunny Chow: “For me, this board really worked well in the conditions that I surf most of the time.

My Feedback: The Channel Islands Bunny Chow is a Jordy Smith model and is probably the best crossover board I've ridden so far. This board. Best Price on the Channel Islands Bunny Chow If you've ever watched Jordy Smith surf and wondered, “How does he do that?” Well, most of the answer is that .