Ballista bo2 how to get bloodthirsty medal

Hello everybody. I'm having a real struggle getting these. I do have 8 at the moment but after trying for 5 hours today I always get killed when. I'm trying to get diamond on my snipers. I have all of them on gold except for the ballista. I can't to get my last kill to get a bloodthirsty as I. "Get 10 Bloodthirsty medals" with the appropriate weapon isn't a big I was working on my Ballista (skulls is all I have left before gold) and.

I need 8 more to gold my Ballista. Any tips other than "camp" or "get gud. snipaz iz eazy mode spawns flip because your team doesn't protect A/C. I got this medal and the only thing I Always gets my bloodthirsty needs met. Been doing HC and in the past 3 days i've only got 5/10 bloodthristys. Is there an easy way? Ballista tags too much so i've been failing at. For a sniper, I would recommend ballistic CPU. It's a lot easier to kill with this because you don't have to worry about sway as much. Extreme.

Here is a video that talks a little bit about it. It talks a little bit about setup and what map to use. It recommends sticks and stones. Other objective. Get 10 bloodthirsty medals(Bloodthirsty:5 kills in one life) Personal experience As I'm writing this guide, I haven't gotten gold for all the Assault.